UFC / DFV Series

High Flow Ultra-High Purity TEE Block Bellows Valves

Utilises all HF parts and advantages of the standard high-flow UHP bellows valve for semiconductor applications, combined with the lowest dead space within any UHP globe valve on the market


Key Features

Available in line sizes up to 4” main / 1 ½” branch

Metal-to-metal external seals

Minimal dead space

Multi-ply bellow construction for high durability

Typical Applications

Lateral inline points-of-connection (POC), ultra-high-purity gas control for point-of-use service, zero dead space bulk gas tee-off, UHP gas sampling, and critical application containment functionality.

Key Specifications

Materials of Construction Cleanliness Specifications Options

316L stainless body

Manufactured in Class 10 Cleanroom

Leak tested using Mass spectrometer <1x10(-9) mbar.l/s

Manual or pneumatic

Inconel625 bellows

Zero particles @0.1µm

<10Ra micro-inch surface roughness

PFA / PI seat high temperature (up to 150C)

Barstock-only source

<10ppb O2/H20 outgassing

Vacuum and pressure tested 100% production control

Multiple block orientations and configurations (DBV etc)

PCTFE standard seat (minimal volume)

Cleaned using 18.2MΩ·cm DI water

375p.s.i. operating pressure

10.2 - 29 Cv (flow coefficient)