SBV Ball Valve Series

SBV Ball Valve Series

Sanitary Ball Valves

The SBV series contains no dead space, preventing bacteria traps even when used in block TEE or L configurations.

SBV Ball valve

Key Features

Available in line sizes up to 4”

TFM1600 polymer seals

Pneumatic or manual interchangeability

Multiport / block options

Typical Applications

Shut-off functionality, WFI, clean gases, automated and with switching/signalling.

Key Specifications

Materials of Construction Cleanliness Specifications Options

316L stainless body

Manufactured in Clean White Room

100% Leak tested as per ASME BPE / ANSI FCI 70/2 Class VI

Manual or pneumatic

TFM1600 seals

Helium leak-tight external sealing

USP Class VI, 3A compliant, 21 CFR 177.1550

Lockout handle

CF3M/S31603-only source

CIP-validated as per ASME BPE / BPPR

Electropolished as per ASME BPE, ASTM A967

4/20mA switching / signalling automation

Tube stubs as per required standard

SIP-validated as per ASME BPE / BPPR

Passivated as per ASME BPE, ASTM B912

12.6 - 900 Cv (flow coefficient)