2028 Vacuum Generator

2028 Series

Ultra-High Purity Vacuum Generator

The 2028 vacuum generator utilises venturi action, therefore ensuring no moving parts are in the wetted area of our signature series for the semiconductor market.

2028 Vacuum generator

Key Features

Metal-to-metal internal and external seals

Standard face seal connection compatibility

Single or dual vacuum port options

Typical Applications

Primary vacuum generation in gas cabinets, chamber evacuation for semiconductor manufacturing, dilution of vented gases, and vacuum generation without the risk of contamination or particle generation.

Key Specifications

Materials of Construction Cleanliness Specifications Options

316L stainless body

Manufactured in Class 10 Cleanroom

Leak tested using Mass spectrometer <1x10(-9) mbar.l/s

Single or dual ports available

316L stainless stem and spring

Zero particles @0.1µm

<10Ra micro-inch surface roughness

Can be integrated system as VCR component replacement

Barstock-only source

<10ppb O2/H20 outgassing

375p.s.i. operating pressure

Cleaned using 18.2MΩ·cm DI water

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