Carten wins 1st Prize at the Chamber Business Awards

Carten Controls have won big at this year’s Chamber Business Awards, being crowned Overall Waterford Business of the Year. The success didn’t stop there for the longstanding Waterford business, who was also named Business of the Year (in the 100+ employee category).

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Carten is a manufacturer of ultra-high purity (UHP) and high-performance components and equipment for the semiconductor and biotechnology industries.

The company specialises in the semiconductor industry and also makes products for the pharmaceutical industry.

Founded by Dan Carten in 1970 in Connecticut, the company expanded with the opening of its Waterford site in the Northern Extension 1981, which remains the primary source of the organisation produce, supplying markets worldwide over 40 years later.

The Fujikin Group acquired the company in 1991, and Carten Controls serve as the research and development centre of the network, with 15 engineers on-site in Waterford, creating next-generation equipment.

Declan Irish, Managing Director of Carten Controls said, “the end product is micro-chips, for flat screens and touch screens which are a part of everything these days from fridges to computers.

“To make microchips you need very high purity conditions, for example, the gas supply provided through our equipment must have a purity of greater than 99.99%.

You can be guaranteed anything in your office, whether it be your computer, your touch screen, your phone our valves and gas mixing systems would have needed to be used, and they’re all made here in Waterford.”

Such conditions are essential for the mixing of highly toxic semiconductor gases and transferring fluid of life-saving therapeutic biologics to be administered to humans for medical purposes.

Mr Irish was delighted to have been so successful at the Chamber Business Awards. He said, “it was a very big deal winning the Chamber Business Awards. It is great to be recognised in our local area and our hometown. We have a really specialised skillset that not many companies in the world have, so to win the awards; we’re really proud.”

Carten Controls has been expanding its manufacturing facility bit by bit over the last 10 years. However, their biggest expansion yet began earlier this year and will be finished in 2024, which aims to provide a 100% increase in active floor space.

Carten has not only expanded their facility but also the number of people they employee. The company has gone from employing 60-70 individuals to 152.

Mr Irish expects to see further expansion in the coming years to meet the rising demand for microchips globally, ensuring that Carten stays at the forefront of the industry in turn accomplishing the company’s mission, “to be the global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-performance valves and flow solutions. To pull together to create the future. To go beyond.”