CSV Sampling Series

CSV Sampling Series

Clean Sampling Valves

The CSV series offers a maintenance-free sampling valve, as no diaphragm changeout is necessary – even after CIP / SIP

CSV sampling

Key Features

Available in line sizes up to 1” (inlet) / ½” (outlet sampling connection)

No diaphragm changeout – maintenance free

Pneumatic or manual interchangeability

Up to 150C and 25bar operation condition

Typical Applications

In-line sampling, bioreactor sampling, hold tank sampling, WFI sampling, high pressure sampling, automated sampling system, maintenance-free sampling system.

Key Specifications

Materials of Construction Cleanliness Specifications Options

316L stainless body

Manufactured in Class 10 Cleanroom

Leak tested using Mass spectrometer <1x10(-9) mbar.l/s

Manual or pneumatic, LOTO failsafe configurations

Elgiloy Diaphragm

Zero particles @0.1µm

<10Ra micro-inch surface roughness

PFA / PI seat high temperature (up to 150C)

Barstock-only source

<10ppb O2/H20 outgassing

Vacuum and pressure tested 100% production control

4/20mA switching / signalling automation

PCTFE standard seat vespel on request

Cleaned using 18.2MΩ·cm DI water

375p.s.i. operating pressure

2.5 - 9.0 Cv (flow coefficient)

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