BPV Mini-Series

BPV Mini-Series

Mini Pinch Valves for Single-Use Applications

The mini BPV series can be used on any tubing or flow kit up to 3/8” OD, specifically designed for long life-cycle benchtop applications.

BPV Mini

Key Features

Suitable for tubing up to 3/8” OD

Suitable for use on any tubing brand or compound

Retrofitted at Carten allowing numerous tubing line sizes use within same footprint

Can be installed close-coupled to provide multiport option

Typical Applications

Gene therapies, cell therapies, vaccine production, and ALL upstream, downstream, fill-finish applications in single-use, applications requiring multiple line size interchangeability, high pressure pump shut-off, PUPSIT, sampling, fluid transfer benchtop applications.

Key Specifications

Materials of Construction Cleanliness Specifications Options

304/316 stainless

Manufactured in Clean White Room

100% Leak tested as per ASME BPE / ANSI FCI 70/2 Class VI

Multiple brands, compounds, and tubing line sizes

PTFE-coated spring (pneumatic), bonnet (manual)

Particulates analysed versus compressor impact on tubing

Cycle-tested versus specified tubing to assure perfusion usage

Multiport functionality

Barstock-only source

Instrument air exhaust filtered for Cleanroom use

Electropolished as per ASME BPE, ASTM A967

Multiple tube holders allowing tubing line size options

Stainless thin-wall actuator

No lubricant or grease at tubing insert area

Passivated as per ASME BPE, ASTM B912

4/20mA switching / signalling automation

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