BPV GEN-2 Series

BPV GEN-2 Series

Pinch Valves for Single-Use Applications

The patented BPV series can be used on any tubing or flow kit, including reinforced tubing, and allows the customer to change tubing line size on site through the changeout of just one component.

BPV Gen 2

Key Features

Available in line sizes up to 6” main / 1” branch

Metal-to-metal external seals

Minimal dead space

Standard & bespoke multiport / block options

Typical Applications

ALL upstream, downstream, fill-finish applications in single-use, applications requiring multiple line size interchangeability, high pressure pump shut-off, PUPSIT, sampling, fluid transfer applications.

Key Specifications

Materials of Construction Cleanliness Specifications Options

304/316 stainless

Manufactured in Clean White Room

100% Leak tested as per ASME BPE / ANSI FCI 70/2 Class VI

Multiple brands, compounds, and tubing line sizes

PTFE-coated spring (pneumatic), bonnet (manual)

Particulates analysed versus compressor impact on tubing

Cycle-tested versus specified tubing to assure perfusion usage

Manual, electric, or pneumatic

Barstock-only source

Instrument air exhaust filtered for Cleanroom use

Electropolished as per ASME BPE, ASTM A967

Multiple tube holders allowing tubing line size changeout

Stainless thin-wall actuator

No lubricant or grease at tubing insert area

Passivated as per ASME BPE, ASTM B912

4/20mA switching / signalling automation

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